Community Focus' Approach

Community Focus helps clients engage communities through the use of group facilitation, community organizing and collaborative problem-solving. (For a more detailed look at specific projects and clients see our Results section.)

Outreach for Community-Based Implementation

We help clients engage in pro-active public outreach in which community members not only talk about solutions to problems … they actually help implement them.

We can:

  • Facilitate public outreach on the grassroots level through productive public meetings

  • Connect public agencies to community members and the resources they provide (local expertise, time and money)

  • Organize resource teams of stakeholders to address, define and implement policy

Civic Engagement to Gather Public Input and Develop Buy-In

We help cities and other public agencies involve residents and other stakeholders in solutions-based consideration of difficult and complex issues.

We can:

  • Design public surveys to gauge community feelings on issues

  • Develop and facilitate deliberative workshops.

Community Capacity Building

We help local task forces and coalitions find new life.

We provide:

  • Support and training to task forces about recruitment, public outreach and strategic planning

  • Ongoing technical assistance to agency staff about meeting facilitation and group process


From Our Experience....Ten Tips on Working with the Community

  1. Be honest and clear about what you can do (and about what you canít do).

  2. Let the community decide what it wants to work on.

  3. Don’t create a new structure if it’s not needed.

  4. Don’t be daunted by a limited budget.

  5. Never stop organizing.

  6. Proceed slowly in communities with a long history of mistrust.

  7. Focus on new people, not the “usual suspects.”

  8. It’s not one size fits all!

  9. Model the behavior you are advocating.

  10. and finally … Be fun. Have fun.

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